Recent Cases

Securities Class Actions

  • SHLS

    Shoals Technologies Group, Inc.

  • CC

    The Chemours Company

  • AGL

    agilon health, inc.

  • SSRM

    SSR Mining Inc.

  • IRBT

    iRobot Corporation


Mergers and Acquisition Litigations

  • alpn

    Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc.

  • INRD

    Inrad Optics, Inc.

  • AIRC

    Apartment Income REIT Corp.

  • MODN

    Model N, Inc.

  • SWAV

    Shockwave Medical, Inc.

  • KTRA

    Kintara Therapeutics, Inc.

  • ABIO

    ARCA biopharma, Inc.

  • CHX

    ChampionX Corporation

  • ADTH

    AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc.

  • PIK

    Kidpik Corp.

  • EDR

    Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc.

  • DOMA

    Doma Holdings, Inc.


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